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The shoulder is common place for pain and injury to occur. Sometimes knee replacement becomes necessary. When that happens, Dr. Furie and his team at Global Orthopedics in Atlanta, Georgia, can deliver shoulder replacement options.

Shoulder Replacement Q & A

What is the major reason for shoulder replacement?

Arthritis is usually the main cause of damage to the shoulder as it wears down the cartilage in the joint over time. This can cause inflammation and eventually pain from bone rubbing against bone. If the pain you have in your shoulder begins to limit function and mobility, or you find that you have difficulty sleeping, it may be time to discuss shoulder replacement. Every patient’s situation is different and should I take that into consideration when discussing a shoulder replacement.

What does shoulder replacement surgery entail?

A shoulder replacement implant consists of a new socket; a new "ball" to replace the head of the top of the humerus;and a stem to secure the ball within the arm bone. These materials are usually comprised of titanium or chrome-cobalt stainless steel and polyethylene plastic. During shoulder replacement, your damaged bone and cartilage will be removed. The socket within your shoulder blade is resurfaced and the ball or head of the humerus will be replaced. Surgery often takes up to two hours or more and you will be under anesthesia.

When should I expect to feel relief after my shoulder replacement?

Each patient is different and recovery will be based on the specifics of the condition and the initial need for the shoulder replacement surgery. Some improvement in movement should be much smoother almost immediately. A few weeks after surgery, you may feel some excessive pain. This will subside in about two weeks. After about two months you should recognize remarkable improvements in pain, discomfort, and movement in the shoulder. Most people will require some medication to aid in pain management such as anti-inflammatories. Regaining full range of motion will take time. Patience and persistence is encouraged.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

At Global Orthopedics, we accept all major insurance plans as well as workers’ compensation and no-fault claims. Payment, or arrangements for insurance coverage, must be completed at the conclusion of your visit. Our professional staff will be happy to assist you with any insurance eligibility questions. For workers’ compensation cases, our staff is committed to seeing cases through, and works diligently with patients, attorneys, and insurance companies to secure the necessary approvals.

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